We pickle, preserve, bake, and ferment everything in house. We hand make all ice cream and many of our vegan and dairy cheeses. We only use 100% organic and stone ground flour and our pizza and bread are naturally leavened with a sourdough starter.

We are passionate about supporting local farmers and sourcing the best dairy products, produce, and local organic ingredients whenever possible.

V+ = Vegan GF = Gluten Free N = Nuts


Bread & Butter - 6
house-baked country bread, cured butter, olive oil & honey

Hummus - 9 (v+)
sumac, parsley, olive oil, sea salt focaccia

Warm Marinated Olives - 7 (v+, gf)
citrus, sundried tomato, herbs, olive oil

Mozzerella Sticks - 16
aged mozz, seasoned breadcrumbs. pecorino, gouda, pecorino tomato creamsauce

Ploughman's Lunch - 18 (n)
daily selection of cheese, sourdough bread, pickled egg, seasonalpreserves, house pickles, marcona almonds, add cured meat + 5


add smoky tofu +3, add soft boiled egg +2, add chicken +4

Shaved Brussels - 16 (gf, n)
shaved brussel sprouts, kale, pixie crunch apples, currants, pecans, shaved parm, maple mustard dressing

Vegan Caeser - 16 (gf, n)
kale, radicchio, preserved lemon, fried capers, sourdough breadcrumbs,cashew parm, vegan caesar dressing

Bowls & Plates

Meatball Bowl - 16
4-hr tomato sauce, garlic toast, ricotta, aged gouda, add one extra meatball +3

Vegan Crab Cakes - 18 (v+)
plant-based hearts of palm & chickpea crab cake, scallion, panko, Old Bay, maple-mustard cabbage slaw, lemon, tartar

Cacio E Pepe - 18
handcut ramen, five pepper blend, pecorino

Mushroom Ragout Polenta Bowl - 17 (gf)
polenta, mixed mushroom ragout, calabrian chili oil, porcini aioli, pecorino, parsley


Fresh Ricotta - 10
olive oil, sea salt, country bread, sub vegan ricotta +2

Red Pizza (with 4hr Tomato Sauce)

Margie - 16
house mozz, olive oil, basil, sea salt, add YOLO burrata ball w/ basil oil& garlic chips +6

New Yorker - 17
dry & house mozz, aged provolone, fresh basil, aged gouda

Nduja Remember The First Time - 21
‘nduja, pepperoni cups, asiago, mascarpone, garlic, pepperoncini

Beekeeper's Lament - 21
house mozz, hot calabrian soppressata, local honey

Sausage Party - 20
fennel sausage, miso creamed kale, pickled cherry peppers

White Pizza

Rocket - 20
house mozz, fresh ricotta, garlic, cream, arugula, lemon, aleppo, agedgouda

I'm A Really Fungi - 21
fontina, goat cheese, garlic mushroom confit, truffle salt, parm

Pear & Brie - 22 (n)
‘nduja, pepperoni cups, asiago, mascarpone, garlic, pepperoncini

Vegan BBQ Show - 22 (v+)
housemade bbq seitan, apple bbq sauce, NUMU mozz, v+ ranch, pickled red onion, nooch, cilantro

Birria - 24
aged mozz, white cheddar, birria beef, birria oil, red onions, cilantro, radish, lime, served with consommé!

Mid-Winter Lemon-Aide - 20
mascarpone, fresh ricotta, house mozz, cream, meyer lemon, thyme, sea salt, black pepper, evoo, honey

Pizza Add-Ons

calabrian chili, garlic, or basil +1

white anchovy, arugula, pickled cherry peppers, red onion, cured black olive, farm egg, kale, or jalapeños +2

ricotta, meatball, fennel pork sausage, hot soppressata, or pepperoni +3

housemade vegan cashew-almond ricotta (n), NUMU vegan mozz (contains soy), vegan sausage (contains gluten), or BE-Hive vegan pepperoni (contains soy & gluten) +3