About Us

Talula's Story

The Talula’s family was inspired to create a place where their community could gather around fresh baked goods and handcrafted pizzas for warmth, comfort, and sustenance. This seed was planted when husband and wife team, Steve and Shanti Mignogna, built a backyard wood-burning oven that would become the original palette for Talula’s menu.

The hearth is at the heart of Talula’s, replicating the homespun spirit of the age-old, wood-burning oven. The menu revolves around their sourdough bread and pizza, but you’ll also find seasonal salads, hearty wheat-free grain bowls, pasta, made-in-house desserts and a full bar featuring craft beer, cocktails and an all natural Italian wine list.

We pickle, ferment, make and bake everything in house including our ice cream and many of our dairy and dairy free cheeses. We always have vegan options on our menu and many of our non-vegan items can be made vegan by substituting our housemade vegan mozzarella or cashew ricotta.

The Talula’s ethos has always been one of inclusivity: family is at the core of what we do, and from the start we wanted to create a space where eaters of all types could come to the table and dine together in harmony. Whether you’re a committed vegan, devoted omnivore, or anywhere in between, we can’t wait for you to join us at the table.