We pickle, preserve, bake, and ferment everything in house. We hand make all ice cream and many of our vegan and dairy cheeses. We only use 100% organic and stone ground flour and our pizza and bread are naturally leavened with a sourdough starter.

We are passionate about supporting local farmers and sourcing the best dairy products, produce, and local organic ingredients whenever possible.

V+ = Vegan GF = Gluten Free N = Nuts

Sweet Starts

Milkbread Beignets - 10

Dutch Baby - 16
oven-baked skillet pancake, maple creme anglaise, seasonal jam


add soft-boiled egg + 2        add chicken + 4

Vegan Caesar - 16 (v+, n)
kale, radicchio, preserved lemon, fried capers, sourdough breadcrumbs, cashew parm, vegan caesar dressing

Te Fiti - 17 (gf)
local Spring mix, pea tendrils, English peas, snap peas, cucumber, radish, feta, green goddess dressing

Toasts & Sammies

Soft Scramble Toast - 12
fresh ricotta, two eggs, sea salt, country bread

TB&J Toast - 12
fresh ricotta, seasonal jam, tahini drizzle, evoo, sea salt, country bread

Egg & Cheese Sammy - 12
two fried eggs, cheddar, chili crisp mayo, choice of bread

add Benton’s bacon, breakfast sausage, or v+ sausage +2, add hashbrown +3, make it vegan! +3

Good Morning, Vietnam! - 18
roasted pork loin, fried egg, house pickles, carrot, cilantro, spicy chili lime sauce, on English muffin, side salad

Vegan Crab Cake Sammy - 16 (v+)
plant-based hearts of palm & chickpea crab cake, scallion, panko, Old Bay, maple mustard slaw, tartar sauce, focaccia

On Biscuits

Clotted Cream & Jam - 10
house-made seasonal jam, clotted cream

Smoky Mole and Eggs - 14
soft scrambled eggs, smoky mole, avocado, side salad

Dr. Meg's Hubchub - 16
fried chicken, honey butter

add sausage gravy +2, add egg +2

Sausage Gravy - 14
peppery sausage gravy

add egg +2

Bowls & Plates

Chilaquiles - 16 (gf)
fire roasted salsa, blue corn tortilla chips, fried egg, cotija cheese, chipotle crema, scallions

Stuffed Hashbrowns - 17 (gf)
pastrami or pimento cheese, peppers and onions, pickled jalapeno, salsa verde, w/ 2 sunny side up eggs

Turkish Eggs - 17
two poached eggs, Meyer lemon labneh, chili crisp, fresh herbs, pita


Margie - 16
4-hr tomato sauce, fresh mozz, basil, evoo

add YOLO burrata ball w/ basil oil & garlic chips +6

BEC - 19
folded pie, Benton’s bacon, farm egg, aged gouda, sharp cheddar, arugula, garlic, Mazi hot sauce, evoo, sea salt

PEC - 18
cheddar, asiago, fluffy egg, pork roll, spicy ketchup, black pepper

Al Pastor - 23
aged mozz, queso fresco, marinated pork, pineapple, salsa verde, cilantro, onion, lime

Beekeeper's Lament - 22
4-hr tomato sauce, hot Calabrian soppressata, house mozz, local honey

Vegan BBQ Show - 22 (v+)
bbq seitan, apple bbq sauce, NUMU mozz, v+ ranch, pickled red onion, nooch, cilantro

Rocket - 22
house mozz, fresh ricotta, garlic, cream, arugula, lemon, aleppo, aged gouda

Brunch Sides

thick cut bacon (gf) - 4

housemade maple breakfast sausage - 4

housemade vegan sausage - 4

buttermilk biscuit - 4

English muffin - 4

sourdough toast - 2.5

hashbrown - 4

side egg - 2