550 Cookman Ave #108
732 455 3003


Served weekdays 11am-4pm.


Bread & Butter 6.
daily sourdough. house butter. olive oil & honey.
Hummus (v+) 9.
sumac. parsley. olive oil. sea salted focaccia.
Warm Marinated Olives (gf) 7.
castelvetrano olives. citrus. sundried tomato. herbs. evoo.
Ploughman’s Lunch 18.
daily selection of cheese. sourdough bread. pickled egg. seasonal preserves. house pickles. marcona almonds.
add cured meat +5


Grilled Cheese of the Day 12. 
served on multigrain sourdough. 
Weekly Calzone Special 17.


Talula’s Reuben 17. 
housemade pastrami. pickled pepper russian dressing. coleslaw. gruyere. toasted country sourdough.
Smoky Tofu Sammy 15.
local apple. smoky tofu. arugula. pickled jalapeños. v+ dijonnaise. spicy agave. focaccia.
Chicken Satay Hoagie (n) 16.
red curry marinated chicken. pickled cucumber & onion. peanut sauce. cilantro yogurt. seeded hoagie roll.
Meatball Hoagie 17. 
fresh mozz. chermoula. housemade meatballs. gouda. housemade hoagie roll.
Sabich 14.
hummus, pickled veg, pickled egg, gomasio, focaccia.
Stone Ground Polenta Bowl  (gf) 17.
farmer ground polenta. egg. sour cream. chili jam. sautéed kale. aged gouda. shiitake chips. scallion.


Vegan Caesar  (v+) 16.
kale. radicchio, preserved lemon, fried capers, sourdough breadcrumbs, cashew parm, vegan caesar dressing.
add soft boiled egg +2 or add chicken +4.
Shaved Brussels (gf) 15.
brussels, chiffed kale, sliced honeycrisp apples, currants, toasted pecans, shaved parm, maple-mustard dressing
add soft-boiled egg +2. or add chicken +4.


Margie  16. 
4-hr tomato sauce. fresh mozz. fresh basil. olive oil. sea salt.
add YOLO burrata ball w/basil oil & garlic chips +6
New Yorker 17.
4-hr tomato sauce. dry + fresh mozz. aged provolone. fresh basil. aged gouda.
Beekeeper’s Lament 20.
tomato sauce. hot calabrian soppressata. fresh mozz. local honey.
Temple 4-Maggi (v+) 19.
4-hr tomato sauce. NUMU mozz. housemade v+ mozz. cashew ricotta. cashew parm. red onion. garlic. rosemary. pistachio pesto.
Sausage Party 20.
4-hr tomato sauce. house mozz. fennel sausage. pickled cherry peppers. sea salt. evoo. 
Rocket 19.
house mozz. ricotta. arugula. olive oil. lemon. aged gouda. garlic. aleppo.
Holy Shiitake 20.
fontina. goat cheese. pecorino. shiitake. oyster mushrooms. hen-of-the-woods. charred scallion. cream. black pepper.
add egg +2. 
Birria 20.

4-hr tomato sauce. aged mozz. white cheddar. birria beef. birria oil. red onions. cilantro. radish. lime. consommé.

Vegan Vodka Bacon 19.

v+ vodka sauce. v+ mozz (contains soy). coconut bacon. basil.sesame seeds. evoo.


calabrian chili.  garlic. basil. 1.
cured black olives. red onion. farm egg. pickled cherry peppers. arugula. 2.
fresh ricotta. meatball. fennel sausage. hot soppressata. pepperoni. vegan pepperoni.  vegan sausage. 3.
substitute our vegan mozzarella (contains soy) or cashew almond ricotta on any pie +1.


Milk & Honey Panna Cotta (gf) 10.
vanilla bean custard. honey gelee. oat amaranth crumble. honey brittle.
Olive Oil Tres Leches Cake 12.
lemon olive oil sponge cake. three milk soak. mascarpone whip. mixed berry compote.
Sourdough Chocolate Cake (v+) 10.
whipped Valrhona frosting. salted caramel. maldon salt.
Affogato (gf) 8.
housemade fennel ice cream. Irving Farm espresso.
Lemon Cherry Meringue Pie 10
lemon curd. cherry compote. brown sugar meringue. flaky butter crust.
Cookie Smash 10.
two warm house-made cookies. housemade vanilla ice cream. salted caramel. cold fudge. sea salt. (v+ optional)

PROVISIONS (Online Only)

Pantry staples, served cold. Selections updated weekly.
Hummus (v+) 15.
pint of house made hummus served with focaccia.
Marinated Olives (v+) 10.
pint of marinated castelvetrano olives.