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Bread & Butter 6.
daily sourdough. house butter. olive oil & honey.
Hummus (v+)8.
sumac. olive oil. sea salted focaccia.
Warm Marinated Olives (v+, gf) 5.
castelvetrano olives. citrus. herbs. evoo.
Ploughman’s Lunch 16.
cheese. sourdough bread. pickled egg. preserves. housemade pickles. marcona almonds. add meat +5


Fresh Ricotta 9.
fresh ricotta. olive oil. sea salt. sub v+ almond-cashew ricotta +1
Burrata & Roasted Tomato Toast 13.
burrata. roasted san marzano tomatoes. basil oil. garlic chips. thyme.
Pear, Mostarda, & Brie Toast 14.
brie. wine-soaked pears. mostarda. arugula. candied walnuts. sea salt. honey.


Shaved Brussels (gf) 14.
brussels. chiffed kale. sliced apples. pecans. currants. shaved parm. maple-mustard dressing.
add soft boiled egg +2 or add chicken +4.
Fall Kale  15.
kale. roasted squash. farro. pepitas. pecorino. house vin.
add soft boiled egg +2 or add chicken +4.
Farm Salad (v+, gf) 12.
mixed market greens. lentils. sunflower seeds. radish. house vin. savory tofu dressing.
add soft boiled egg +2 or add chicken +4.


Meatball Bowl 14.
4-hr tomato sauce. meatballs. garlic toast. ricotta. aged gouda.
add one extra meatball +3.
Mushroom Ragout Polenta Bowl (gf) 15.
farmer ground polenta. mixed mushroom ragout. porcini aioli. calabrian chili oil. pecorino. parsley.
add pulled pork + 6 or add soft boiled egg +2.
Fermented Chili Carbonara 17.
ramen. house fermented chili paste. Benton’s bacon. sous vide egg. parm. chives. (v+ optional)
Cacio e Pepe 17.
handcut ramen. pepper blend. pecorino.



Margie  14.
tomato sauce. fresh mozz. basil.
New Jack City 15.
tomato sauce. fresh + aged mozz. aged provolone. cured black olives. garlic. oregano.
Beekeeper’s Lament 18.
tomato sauce. hot calabrian soppressata. fresh mozz. local honey.
My Little Roni 17.
asiago. mascarpone. pepperoni. pickled long hots. garlic. pecorino.
Temple III (v+) 18.
v+ mozz. v+ almond-cashew ricotta. v+ sausage. vegeroni. kale. olive oil. salt.
Marinara (v+) 12.
red sauce. basil. garlic. olive oil. oregano. sea salt.


Rocket 18.
fresh mozz. ricotta. cream. arugula. olive oil. lemon. aged gouda. garlic. aleppo.
Season 49 Episode 4.  17.
aged mozz. goat cheese. bacon. sauteed pluots. shallots. garlic. chocolate-chili mayo.
Mom’s Spaghetti 18.
fresh mozz. mascarpone. chimichurri spaghetti squash. calabrian chili. pepitas. scallions. olive oil. sea salt.
Mustard & Cheddar 18.
whole grain & dijon mustard. cheddar. fontina. mustard greens. sliced apple. olive oil. sea salt.
The Super Mario! 18.
provolone. fontina. ricotta. fennel sausage. broccoli rabe. calabrian chilis. shaved parm. olive oil.


calabrian chili.  garlic. basil. 1.
cured black olives. red onion. farm egg. pickled cherry peppers. arugula. 2.
fresh ricotta. meatball. fennel sausage. hot soppressata. pepperoni. vegan pepperoni.  vegan sausage. 3.
substitute our vegan mozzarella (contains soy) or cashew almond ricotta on any pie +1.


Pumpkin Panna Cotta 10.
pumpkin custard. cream cheese whip. pepita praline. graham cracker cookie.
French Apple Cake 11.
walnut ice cream. maple-rum sauce.
Sourdough Chocolate Cake (v+) 12.
whipped Valrhona ganache. salted caramel.
Affogato (gf) 8.
housemade fennel ice cream. Irving Farm espresso.
Earl Grey Ice Cream (v+, gf) 9.
Art of Tea’s Earl Grey Creme. coconut milk.
Spiced Sugar Cookie (v+) or Butter Pecan Cookie 3.

PROVISIONS (Online Only)

Pantry staples, served cold. Selections updated weekly.
Hummus (v+) 15.
half-pint of house made hummus served with focaccia.
Marinated Olives (v+) 10.
pint of marinated castelvetrano olives.
Pickle Mix (v+) 10.
pint of house pickle mix. pickled cauliflower, carrots, and onions. perfect for adding to sandwiches, salads, cheese plates, or even pizza!
Pickled Eggs 15.
one half dozen of our house turmeric pickled eggs. a perfect addition to cheese plates, sandwiches, or enjoyed on their own!
2lb Organic Stone Ground Bread Flour 7.
2tbsps of Instant Dried Yeast 5.