550 Cookman Ave #108
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Bread + Butter  5.
daily sourdough. house butter. olive oil + honey.
Ploughman’s Lunch  16.
cheese. bread. pickled egg. preserves. pickles. nuts. add meat +5.
 Hummus (v+) 9.
marinated olives. organic olive oil. focaccia.
Charred Broccoli (v+) 10.
roasted broccoli. caramelized onion puree. everything bagel chips. cashew cream.



Fresh Ricotta  7.
sea salt. organic olive oil.
sub vegan cashew ricotta +1.
Ribollita Toast 10.
heirloom beans. horseradish cream sauce. parm.
add farm egg +2.
Creamed Leek Toast 10.
leeks. cream. parm. potato chips.



Kale Caesar Salad 13.
kale. caesar dressing.shaved broccoli. preserved lemon. honey-mustard biscuit croutons. shaved parmesan.
add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.
Crunch Thai Salad (v+,gf) 13.
shredded cabbage.green papaya. cilantro. thai basil. roasted cashew. coconut chili dressing. crispy shallots.
 add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.



Meatball Bowl 13.
tomato sauce. meatballs. garlic toast. ricotta. aged gouda.
 Kimchi Rice Bowl (gf) 14.
sticky brown rice, seared tempeh. kimchi. herb salad.
add soft boiled egg +2. add pulled pork +4.



Ramen Cacio E Pepe 16.
handcut ramen noodle. aromatic pepper blend. pecorino.
Spicy Pink Sauce 18.
organic reginetti pasta. parmigiano-reggiano. garlic bread.


PIZZA – 12″

Margie 13.
tomato sauce. house mozz. fresh basil.
New Jack City 15.
tomato sauce. house + aged mozz. aged provolone. cured black olives. garlic. oregano.
Beekeeper’s Lament 17.
tomato sauce. hot calabrian soppressata. house mozz. local honey.
The Fennel Countdown 16.
tomato sauce. homemade fennel pork sausage. creme. scallions. fennel seed. shaved parmesan .
Rocket 17.
house mozz. fresh ricotta. garlic. arugula. olive oil. lemon. aged gouda. aleppo.
Clint Eats-good (v+) 18.
vegan cashew pepper jack. buffalo tempeh. peppers. onions. ranch. parsely.
‘Shroom ‘Shroom 18.
raclette cheese. brown butter. pioppini mushrooms. tarragon. fontina-porcini cheese sauce.
Bitter Truth 16.
house mozz. marscapone. marinated radicchio leaves. pickled shallots. garlic .
Simply the Pest 17.
house mozz. mascarpone, basil-mint pesto. calabrian chili.
Spuds McKenzie 17.
mashed potatoes. cheddar. house mozz. bacon. buttermilk. chives. black pepper.



calabrian chile. garlic. basil. 1.
 white anchovy. cured black olives. red onion.  farm egg. pickled cherry pepper. kale. arugula. 2.
fresh ricotta. cashew pepper jack. 3.
meatball. bacon. fennel pork sausage. hot soppressata. pepperoni. vegaroni.  vegan sausage.  3.
substitute our homemade vegan mozzarella or cashew-almond ricotta on any pie +1.



London Fog Panna Cotta (gf) 10.
caramelized white chocolate panna cotta. earl grey gelee. smoked almond granola.
Fika Cheesecake  10.
cranberry-almond danish pie. housemade Irving Farm coffee ice cream.
Hot Date Cake  10.
date cake. warm butterscotch sauce. cinnamon whipped cream.
Deep Dark Woods Cake (v+) 10.
gingerbread cake. caramel apple compote. lemon streusel. coconut-maple crema .
Valrhona Chocolate Sorbetto (v+, gf) 8.
olive oil. sea salt.
Affogato (v+, gf) 6.
irving farm espresso. coconut cardamom ice cream.
Housebaked Almond Biscotti  2.
Housebaked Cookies of the Day (v+) 2.

v+ = vegan / gf = gluten free