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“Bread + Butter” (v) 5.
daily sourdough. house butter. olive oil + honey.
Ploughman’s Lunch (v) 16.
cheese. bread. pickled egg. preserves. pickles. nuts. add meat +5.
 Hummus (v+) 9.
marinated olives. organic olive oil. focaccia.
Soup of the Day  10.



Fresh Ricotta (v/v+) 6.
olive oil. sea salt. sub vegan +1.
Trout Toast 13.
pickled egg. capers. onion salsa.
Burrata Toast (v) 12.
sweet garlic puree. aromatic pepper spice. citrus rosemary oil.



Farm Salad (v+, gf) 11.
local market greens. radish. house vinaigrette. sumac.  add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.
Beet Salad (v, gf) 12.
beet greens. pickled beets. spinach. candied pecans. goat cheese dressing.
 add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.
Kale Salad (v+, gf) 12.
roasted squash. farro. pecorino. pumpkin seeds. house vinaigrette.
 add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.



Polenta Bowl (v, gf) 15.
mushroom ragu. mushroom aioli. pecorino. chopped parsley. chili oil. add roasted pork +4.
Meatball Bowl 13.
tomato sauce. meatballs. garlic toast. ricotta. aged gouda.
 Rice Bowl (v, gf) 14.
agrodulce squash. charred leeks. pumpkin seeds. herb salad. buttermilk dressing. add pulled pork +4.



PIZZA – 12″

Margie (v) 13.
tomato sauce. house mozz. fresh basil.
The New Yorker (v) 14.
tomato sauce. fresh + aged mozz. aged provolone.
Temple IV(v+) 17.
tomato sauce. vegan mozz. cashew ricotta. vegan sausage. sweet peppers. red onions. cured black olives.
VEGeroni (v) 16.
tomato sauce. fresh + aged mozz. aged provolone. housemade vegan pepperoni. basil.
Beekeeper’s Lament 16.
tomato sauce. hot calabrian soppressata. house mozz. local honey.
The Orchard (v) 17.
honeycrisp apples. bosc pears. chevre. pecorino. arugula. lemon zest. olive oil. sea salt.
The Spud (v) 17.
local potatoes. cabot cheddar. creme fraiche. bread crumbs. chives. sea salt. black pepper.
Sausage Party 16.
tomato sauce. house mozz. housemade fennel pork sausage. miso creamed kale. pickled cherry peppers.
Rocket (v) 16.
house mozz. fresh ricotta. garlic. arugula. olive oil. lemon. aged gouda. aleppo.
Saltie (v) 16.
house mozz. marscarpone. pickled veggies. farm egg. smoked paprika.
 Vodka & Bacon  17.
spicy vodka sauce. benton’s bacon. house & aged mozz. basil. garlic. aged gouda.
Spaghetti Squash (v) 17.
house mozz. marscapone. chimichurri. calabrian chili. scallions. pepitas. sea salt.



calabrian chile. garlic. 1.
white anchovy. egg. kale. arugula. 2.
fresh ricotta. provolone. aged gouda. cashew ricotta. 3.
meatball. fennel pork sausage. hot soppressata. pepperoni. housemade vegan pepperoni. housemade vegan sauasage.  3.
 Substitute our homemade vegan mozzarella or cashew almond ricotta on any pie +1.



Milk & Honey Panna Cotta (v) 9.
honey gelee. oat amaranth crumble. bee pollen brittle.
Date Cake (v) 10.
butterscotch sauce. cinnamon whipped cream.
Pie of the Day (v) 10.
homemade ice cream pairing.
Pumpkin Cake (v+) 10.
valrhona chocolate chips. spiced maple ice cream. vegan caramel.
Valrhona Chocolate Sorbetto (v+, gf) 8.
olive oil. sea salt.
Affogato (v+, gf) 6.
irving farm espresso. coconut cardamom ice cream.
Housebaked Almond Biscotti (v) 2.
Housebaked Cookies of the Day (v/v+) 2.

v+ = vegan / gf = gluten free / v = vegetarian