550 Cookman Ave #108
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Apple Cider Doughnuts  10.
cinnamon sugar. cinnamon whipped cream.
Buttermilk Biscuit  5.
seasonal housemade jam. clotted cream.
Buckwheat Ricotta Cake 11.
mascarpone. banana curd. cacao nibs .
Seasonal Jam Toast 10.
your choice of maple almond butter (v+) or fresh ricotta .


BLT Bagel Sandwich 13.
homemade sourdough bagel. benton’s bacon. lettuce. heirloom tomato. scallion cream cheese. fried egg.
Soft Scrambled Egg Toast 12.  ~served on sourdough~
chive labneh.
Egg & Cheese Sammy (v) 10.   ~served on focaccia~
two fried farm eggs. havarti. lettuce. sriracha mayo.
add benton’s bacon +2 add housemade breakfast sausage +2
add housemade veggie sausage +2
Pulled Pork Breakfast Sammy 12.   ~served on buttermilk biscuit~
fried farm egg. buffalo bbq sauce. bread & butter pickles.
Croque Madame 16.  ~served on multigrain bread~
gruyere. bechamel. multigrain mustard. egg. your choice of ham or mushroom.


Pastrami Hash (gf) 16.
housemade pastrami. potatoes. fried egg. pickled jalapenos & onions. salsa verde.
Cultured Steel Cut Oats
Sweet – 12    buckwheat. quinoa. chai cream. stewed berries. sliced almonds. poppy seeds. (gf)
Savory – 14    buckwheat. quinoa. chili jam. sous vide egg, greens. aged gouda. shiitake chips. (gf)
Delicata Chilaquiles 16.
salsa roja. delicata squash. blue corn tortilla chips. fried egg. cotija cheese. chipotle crema. scallions. (gf)


Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad   13.
local apple. currants. sunflower seeds. shaved parm. maple mustard dressing (gf).
Kale Salad 14.
roasted butternut squash. emmer. pepitas. pecorino. house vin.
add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.
Farm Salad (v+, gf) 11.
local greens. lentils. pistachios. radishes. house vin.
 add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.


Green Eggs  16.
cabot cheddar. chimichurri eggs. red potatoes. chives. mazi.
add bacon +3. make it vegan +4
Beugel & Laks 19.
hash browns. whipped cream cheese. smoked salmon. red onions. gherkins. everything spice.
V+ Vodka Bacon  18.
vodka sauce. v+ mozz. v+ ricotta. coconut bacon. micro basil. magic pizza dust.
Margie 13.
tomato sauce. house & aged mozz. basil. olive oil.
New Jack City 15.
tomato sauce. house & aged mozz. aged provolone. cured black olives.
Twist & Sprout 18.
house mozz. basil pesto. brussels sprouts. serrano ham. burrata. black pepper.
Beekeeper’s Lament 17.
tomato sauce. hot calabrian sopressata. house mozz. local honey.
Sausage Party 18.
house mozz. fennel sausage. miso creamed kale. pickled cherry peppers.
Rocket 17.
house mozz. ricotta. garlic. cream. arugula. lemon. aleppo. aged gouda.


calabrian chile. garlic. basil. 1.
 white anchovy. cured black olives. red onion. farm egg. pickled cherry pepper. arugula. 2.
fresh ricotta. meatball. bacon. fennel pork sausage. hot  sopressata. pepperoni. vegan pepperoni.  vegan sausage.  3.
Substitute our homemade vegan mozzarella or cashew-almond ricotta on any pie +1.
v = vegan / gf = gluten free
Please ask about our daily fresh baked pastries.
Our menu is seasonal and subject to change based on availability.