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“Bread + Butter” (v) 5.
daily sourdough. house butter. olive oil + honey.
“Joni” Macaroni & Cheese (v) 5.
cheddar. aged mozz. parsley.
 Hummus (v+) 9.
marinated olives. organic olive oil. focaccia.
Soup of the Day – Bowl 10.


PIZZA – 12″

Margie (v) 13.
tomato sauce. fresh mozz. basil.
Temple V (v+) 18.
tomato sauce. vegan mozz. cashew ricotta. vegan sausage. vegaroni. pickled cherry peppers. red onions. castelvetrano olives.
The New Yorker 14.
tomato sauce. fresh + aged mozz. aged provolone.
Beekeeper’s Lament 17.
tomato sauce. hot calabrian soppressata. fresh mozz. local honey.
Rocket 16.
fresh mozz. arugula. olive oil. lemon. aged gouda. garlic. aleppo.
Sausage Party 16.
tomato sauce. house mozz. housemade fennel pork sausage. miso creamed kale. pickled cherry peppers.
Shakshuka (v) 16.
spiced tomato & vegetable sauce. two farm eggs. feta. parsley.
 Green Eggs (v) 16.
cabot cheddar. chimichurri eggs.  red potatoes. chives. mazi.
Pickle Pie (v) 16.
house mozz. marscapone. pickled cauliflower. carrots. onions. jalapenos. farm egg. smoked paprika. herbs.



calabrian chile. red onion. castelvetrano olives. garlic. basil. 1.
white anchovy. farm egg. pickled cherry pepper. kale. 2.
fresh ricotta. cashew ricotta. 3.
meatball. bacon. fennel pork sausage. hot soppressata. pepperoni. vegaroni.  vegan sausage.  3.


Substitute our homemade vegan mozzarella or cashew almond ricotta on any pie +1.
Substitute our homemade vodka sauce on any pie +2.


SANDWICHES (all served on house-baked bread)

Meatball 11.  ~ served on baguette ~
chermoula. tomato sauce. fresh mozz. aged gouda.
Banh Mi ~ served on baguette ~
pickled carrots. pickled jalepenos. mayo. cilantro. sriracha.
#1: halloumi cheese. (v) 11.
#2: chicken liver pate. cottage bacon. 12.
Talula’s Reuben  12.  ~ served on sourdough country bread ~
housemade pastrami. gruyere. pickled pepper russian dressing, coleslaw.
Chicken Salad 11. ~ served on focaccia ~
apples. celery. herbs. raisins. curry mayo.
Sabich (v)  11. ~ served on baguette ~
hummus. pickled veg. pickled egg. chermoula. sesame seeds.
Egg & Cheese Sammy (v) 10.   ~served on focaccia~
two fried farm eggs. cabot cheddar. braised kale, apple,  onion. dijon aioli.
add benton’s bacon +2
add housemade breakfast sausage +2
add housemade veggie sausage +2
Grilled Cheese of the Day (v) 10. ~ served on multigrain sourdough ~



Rice Bowl (v, gf) 14.
nettle pesto. preserved lemon. bok choy. caputo ricotta salata. radish. soft boiled egg. dill.
add pulled pork +4.



Farm Salad (v+, gf) 11.
local market greens. radish. house vinaigrette. sumac.
add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.
Tuscan Kale Salad (v, gf) 12.
shredded beets. quinoa. pickled onions. point reyes blue cheese. black garlic dressing.
 add soft boiled egg +2. chicken +3.
Karate Body Salad (v+, gf) 12.
local market greens. spring vegetables. sunflower seeds. tofu dressing.
 add soft boiled egg +2. add chicken +3.



Side Farm Salad (v+, gf) 4.
Side Cup of Soup 4.


v+ = vegan / gf = gluten free / v = vegetarian
Substitute our homemade vegan mozzarella or cashew almond ricotta on any pie +1
Our menu is seasonal and subject to change