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So don’t forget to get your orders in for yummy Talula’s baked goods. Serve them to your guests, bring them to your holidayevents, give them as gifts or don’t share at all! As always, everything is made from scratch with high quality ingredients such as organic flour, unbleached cane sugar, european-style butter and valrhona chocolate. Place your order with your server today!


2lb Sourdough Country Loaf – $7.50



Ginger Molasses Bundt Cake – $40

Rich spiced ginger cake with a sweet cream cheese glaze.


Apple Cranberry Crumble Pie – $30

Local NJ apples and cranberries with a crunchy brown sugar oat crumble.

Chocolate Pudding Pie – $30

Silky Valrhona chocolate pudding filling topped with fresh whipped cream and ground nutmeg.


Eccles Slab Pie – $30

Traditional British pastry with whiskey soaked currants and spices. So much better than mincemeat pie!


Christmas Morning Danish Box – $18/half dozen

Three poppyseed danish buns and three cheese danish pastries. Perfect treat for Christmas morning!




Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – $15/dozen

Chewy nutty chocolate chip cookies with maldon sea salt.


Pecan Balls – $12/dozen

Buttery pecan cookies rolled in powdered sugar. Aka russian tea cakes, mexican wedding cookies, or snowball cookies.


Pfeffernusse Cookies – $15 for 20 cookies

Tiny German spice cookies with rum glaze. Somewhat similar to gingerbread cookies. 


Juniper Cherry Oatmeal Cookies – $15/dozen

Oatmeal cookie with dried cherries, juniper and a little caraway.


Hot Cocoa Cookies – $15/dozen

Soft super gooey chocolate cookies baked with homemade marshmallows.


Holiday Cookie Box Assortment – $20

Assortment of 3-4 choc chip, 3-4 oatmeal, 3-4 hot cocoa, 4-5 pecan balls, 5-6 pfeffernusse.


APRIL 9-12


Shanti and Steve are leavin town, getting hitched, and hitting the road for Tulum, Mexico — trusting me with the keys to Talula’s. In the spirit of their adventure I’ve put together a super fun menu brimming with spice, ceviche and all the things I love from that sweet little town inspired by its Mayan history, the chef ex pats who are killing it along the jungle strip, and those staple roadside dishes that just taste a little better when you’re sunkissed and/or south of the border. I’d love for you to come ring in the warmer days ahead and toast the honeymooners with the incredible team we’ve got over at Talula’s. Talula’s Takeover y’all! Vegan options abound, mezcal cocktails are not mandatory but strongly delicious. I promise it will taste like nothing that has gone down in AP since I can damn well recall. Brunch on Sat and Sun too! There will be two seatings each night at 6pm and 8pm. Reservations can be made by calling 732-455-3003 or emailing honeymoonpopup@gmail.com. Follow us for posts and updates! @talulasDTAP #talulaswedding #honeymoonpopup #tulumlas


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We’re excited to host our first cocktail class this Sunday, March 1. We would like to make it a monthly class going forward, focusing on different cocktails, spirits and techniques each month. Because we are all in need of a little warmth during these dark cold winter days, our first class will be on HOT (as in Jake Gyllenhaal) COCKTAILS.  Come cozy up to the bar, learn a few tricks to impress your mister or misses and drink some delicious cocktails in the process.

Call us to sign up today! 732-455-3003


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We’re Open! Come celebrate local flavors and artisanal dishes with us every day of the week!